The Top Benefits of Having Olala Homes Manage Your Vacation Rentals

In a world overwhelmed with constant choices, there’s a need for simplicity among the ever changing and expanding vacation property management industry.

Owning and managing over 200 properties since 2014, Olala Homes is quickly scaling itself into a guest-centered giant in the travel accommodation industry. Having been awarded ‘Best Property Manager of the Year’ and ‘Best Innovative Use of Technology’ by AltoVita Corporate Home Awards in 2020, our vacation rental company is showing its consistent dedication to excellence when it comes to guest satisfaction and care.

Cleanliness, comfort, and extreme attention to detail are all qualities we hold very closely, striving daily to improve our processes and programs.

A home away from home is the primary focus that our team makes a non-negotiable every time we confirm a stay at one of our properties.

When you as a property owner work with us, you’re just as welcome as a guest feels when they walk through one of our doors. Olala Homes is a home in itself, welcoming you to do business with us.

So come in, take your jacket off, and please feel free to take a seat. You’re our guest, and we’re so glad you’re here.

What Do We Bring to the Table?

We put a strong focus on resourcefulness, customer care, and data analytics. As a result, our services cover a wide range of items in the vacation rental space. To sum it up in a list, here’re a few of the things we provide for all partners:

  • A holistic approach to management: rather than run you through a tiring list of to-do’s and timelines, we take the work off of your hands and make the process simple

  • Efficient management systems: focusing on what matters, and not wasting precious time working towards the best ROI possible

  • Friendly and responsive customer service team attending to our guests 24/7

  • Dynamic pricing to maximize earnings for all properties anytime of the year

  • Cutting edge maintenance, and housekeeping methods that consistently stay within current protocol and safety regulations

  • Smart home solutions: smart locks, electricity/CO2/noise volume, among others

  • Experience in property ownership rather than solely rentership; we see through your eyes and that of a guest’s

  • A marketing team: they translate our passion for what we do into effective, high converting listings in top booking channels such as Booking, Airbnb, and Vrbo

Sustainable Growth With a Strong Foundation

With a substantial property portfolio under our belt, we’re not stopping now. Along with the rapid assimilation of new ideas and concepts, we’re always looking for a new place to call home.

Not one to be scared of new challenges, we just opened two new locations in the cities of Herzliya in Israel, and Cascais in Portugal. Even in the midst of 2020 and the uncertainty it has brought, we are financially secure. Our company is prepared for any pivot necessary to continue projected growth, and maintain client satisfaction.

With a team where every employee is constantly working at their best, the ambitious goals we have to expand are never unnatainable.

Olala WE Apartment, Cascais
Olala WE Apartment, Cascais

Assembling the Right Technology to Empower Our Guests and Partners

Just three years ago, we implemented smart lock systems, even though at the time few were using it. As unexpected as COVID-19 was, we have been able to significantly mitigate issues by starting this holistic approach to guest check-ins.

There has been extensive preparation to support guests wherever they’re located. Between our team that uses an integrated network of technology, along with fluency in four languages, we’re all set.

No matter how guests choose to reach us, all of our channels of communication funnel into our Zendesk system. Once a ticket is created automatically, our team quickly and efficiently responds to all inquiries. In addition, performance is always monitored, so as to improve key metrics such as response time, and agent satisfaction rate.

While many property management companies choose to follow a more traditional route to technology, we are always straying from the status quo to find newer and better ways to operate. Without a challenge, there is no growth, but we manage to maintain seamless transitions in whatever we do.

We’ve also cut back on time wasting activity significantly; our reply time to tickets has dropped from 20 to 10 minutes. Our C-SAT scores have jumped from 90.5% to 91.5%, and we’ve solved a large number of tickets, to the tune of 88,000 in the last two years.

Also, our utilization of APIs enables us to have many customer support outlets, resulting in less time spent trying to answer guest questions. The more we can answer our guest concerns quickly, the better we can focus on improving the quality of their stay.

What is it Like Working With Us?

This question can sound like a way for us to brag on our best qualities, but the truth is our history and customers have proved time and time again that we have what it takes to run a top-tier vacation rental management business. And with us, there is no limit to what we can achieve, because we don’t believe in stopping once we’ve hit a new goal.

We’re always striving, always innovating, and always looking out for the best interest of our partners and guests.

What you can expect is this: we’re easy to work with, down to earth, and we treat you like we would treat family.

Working on responsiveness is key to us, and we’ve been implementing new technologies to help streamline the communication process. You never have to worry about late response times or a weak desire to help you with whatever needs you may have.

Don’t Miss Out on Endless Growth Opportunities

We see the challenges ahead, and we have been steadily preparing for any unforeseen circumstances that may come our way.

We hold our ultimate goal in mind, and we stick to it well: serve our guests, serve our partners. Providing the best care possible is at the core of any activity we perform at this company. Not one hour is spent on anything other than the primary focus of serving and optimizing our business for you.

With that being said, your partnership with us is not taken lightly, and you can trust us to do what we do best. We are here to stay, and the future looks bright.

We’re here to help you to maximize your profit potential without stress. Contact us today and get started.

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