4 Tips to Optimize Your Properties for Remote Working Guests, Digital Nomads & Expats

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Remote working has quickly become commonplace over the past 2 years. Coronavirus response measures have accelerated the shift to telework, with the proportion of the European workforce who work remotely skyrocketed from 5% to 40%. While for most people this means working from home, some have realized this can mean working anywhere in the world. Consequently, the rising demand for remote working accommodations presents a promising opportunity for the hospitality industry to embrace.

To optimize your properties for remote working travellers, here are 5 tips for property owners to make the most of this emerging trend:

1. Work-friendly living spaces

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High-speed, reliable WiFi is always a must. The stability and performance of the internet drastically impact the experience your guests will have, no matter how much time they spend working on your premises. Secondly, ensure you have designated work spaces in your apartment. Remember that ideal working spaces should include a table at work height, a suitable chair which you can sit upright and good lighting. If it is not possible to have a work space within your place, recommend nice co-working spaces nearby to your guests – some residents-only discounts will be a more welcoming add-on.

2. Work-life balance

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As remote working guests unfold their journey in an unseen destination, many of them can’t wait to have exciting adventures during their weekend downtime. While Google Map can be a helpful reference for the must-sees and must-dos, it would be ideal for the guests to have a list of local-recommended attractions and places to eat at their disposal, especially if your property is smaller and with fewer activities and amenities to offer on-site.

3. Comfort throughout the stay

As exciting and rewarding as working and living in a new city is, it can be equally tiring and draining. There is nothing better than having an extra pair of hands to help guests to maneuver through their household duties. Consider introducing optional cleaning services to your remote working guests with flexible apartment cleaning routines. You may want to introduce rosters where your guests can block out housekeeping times for themselves.

4. Marketing matters

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Now that your property is all set for remote working guests, digital nomads and ex-pats, it’s time to market it the right way. It's not the best product that wins, but the best-known one that wins, and your properties are no exception.

Successful marketing translates the advantages of the properties into effective, high converting listings in top booking channels. Not sure where to start from? With extensive media knowledge to execute great marketing strategies, Olala Homes have a team of marketing professionals, who take care of interactive virtual tours, great photography, and SEO-optimized copies for properties to stand out among the rest.

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